It is passion, it is fun, it is a way of life...
 Spice up your days with some new and unique fitness workout (ladies only!) with Studio Fitness Crawley at Tilgate Park and do one little step towards to your health to live a happier life!
Reasons to join us:
  • We're like a friendly family exercising in small fitness classes
  • We like to have fun but never laugh at each other if you make a mistake. All of us do
  • You can (and you will!) build your strength & fitness level step by step by doing dance based movements, boxing, drumming, squats, lunges, kicks and so many more...
  • You don't need any coordinaton skills! In THE JUNGLE BODY & POUND tracks there are 4-5 steps repeated, easy to remember and easy to follow
  • It will help to reliase stress, make you sweat and improve your coordination skills 
  • We don't use monthly passes, you can join in whenever you want to
  • We go out together for a meal/ drink/ chat to enjoy life and have varieties of themes classes to make it more fun time by time
  • There is always something new to learn: new song tracks/ new steps in every month, so you never gonna get bored

  From 1st February we are in 2 different buildings.
  All the Jungle Body classes in the current building (Hut 4, Tilgate Park, Tilgate, Crawley, RH10 5PH), and we are moving with POUND fitness only to Hut 15! So same area, different building (a little bit further up).

  I still would like to ask you to bring a spare pair of shoes regardless where we are, and plenty of water!