Burn! - dumbbell workout
Pound - Lunge routine
Vypa - The Jungle Body
Burn! - The Jungle Body
Pound - set position
Kong(u)a - The Jungle Body
Jagua - floor arm track
Burn! - The Jungle Body
Burn! - The Jungle Body
Pound - lunge
Burn! - The dumbell workout
 Spice up your days with some new and unique fitness workouts and do one little step towards your health to live a happier life!

Konga/ Vypa/ Burn!/ Jagua

Rockout Workout

Reasons to join us:
  • ​We're like a friendly family exercising in small fitness classes
  • We like to have fun but never laugh at each other if you make a mistake. All of us do
  • You can (and you will!) build your strength & fitness level step by step by doing dance based movements, boxing, drumming, squats, lunges, kicks and so many more...
  • It will help to release stress, make you sweat and improve your coordination skills 
  • You don't need any coordinaton skills! There are 4-5 steps repeated in most of the song tracks. Easy to remember and easy to follow
  • There is always something new to learn: new music tracks/ new steps every month, so you're never gonna get bored
  • We don't use monthly passes, you can join in whenever you want to
  • We go out together for a meal/ drink/ chat to enjoy life and have a variety of themed classes to make it more fun time by time